Our story starts on the island of Bali, Indonesia where our founder spent most of her days on the beach.  


Fresh air, preserved nature, and good vibrations. 

Unfortunately, these standards were not met everywhere. 

She saw the impact of plastic pollution from water bottles lying between the beautiful rice fields to heaps of plastic waste floating and being shed on the ocean.


Little did she know it was the start of something new. 

As a woman who loves the beach, it was everyday life for her to constantly have to buy new swimsuits. 

Back then, she struggled to find a swimwear that had it all.  

”I didn't want to spend 100 dollars on a swimwear top, so I started designing my own. “- Mel

What started of to be a passion project has now become a community of conscious women around the world who want to look and feel good in Baliberry Swim. 




Post pandemic, year 2021. The lack of a local swimwear brand that is focused on sustainability made her bring Baliberry Swim to the Philippine swimwear landscape.

She wanted to create things differently.  

“I must've gone through hundreds of fabric samples and nothing was feeling quite right, until I discovered a luxury, buttery soft Italian fabric which is crafted from discarded fishing nets. For me, It’s a clear win win. “ —Mel