Disclaimer: Unfortunately, even if you follow all of these steps and wash your swimsuit as soon as you’re done wearing it, you might still end up with some pesky sand that doesn’t want to go away. It’s just an inevitable part of going to the beach, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t helpful tips you can try out for removing the sand. So without further ado, here’s our simple step-by-step guide on how to remove sand from swimwear.

If you've just been to the beach and you experience some sand in your bathing suit, it is vital that you quickly address the sand to make sure it comes out easily. You don’t want to wait until the sand is caked onto your swimsuit or has gotten trapped in the fibers of the swimsuit fabric as this will make it much more difficult and time-consuming to remove. The first thing to do once you get home from a beach day is to shake your swimsuit off outside. Once you have shaken it out, turn it inside out and then do it again. This will help to get rid of any surface sand that can be easily removed just by a brisk shake.

Step 1: Rinse with cold water
This is one of the basic steps you’ll follow when caring for any swimsuit, but it’s still important when you’re trying to remove sand. You should always rinse your suit in cold water for about 10 minutes before washing it, or after washing it if you’re still noticing leftover sand. Try to work at the sand with your hands, especially in the areas where you’re noticing more has accumulated.

Step 2: Let it dry
Next, you’ll want to let your swimsuit dry completely. To do this, set it on a towel out of direct sunlight. You can gently press the suit with the towel to soak up excess water, but you never want to wring it out, as this can cause the fabric to stretch or become damaged. It’s important that you give your swimsuit enough time to fully dry, so this step might take some time.

Step 3: Shake the sand off
Once your swimsuit is completely dry, take it outside or onto your porch to shake the excess sand off. You’ll need to shake it pretty vigorously to make sure it all comes off! If there’s still leftover sand, you can take a dry towel and wipe it off. And if there’s still sand after that, your next best option is to use a hair dryer to blow the little pieces off. Make sure to use a cool setting so you don’t damage the material of your swimsuit. If these steps didn’t work, a lint roller might do the trick. They’re gentle on fabric, so you can safely pick up those little pieces of sand.

Step 4: Repeat as necessary
After you’ve completed these three steps, you should have successfully removed the sand from your swimsuit. However, if you have a lot of sand to get rid of, you might need to repeat the process to make sure your suit gets completely clean. It just depends on your situation!


Now that we’ve gone over how to get sand out of your swimsuit, we wanted to take some time to review a few basic care instructions for Baliberry Swimsuits. Following these tips will ensure that you’ll be able to continue enjoying your adorable swimsuit for years to come!

  1. 1. Always rinse your suit
    Every time you’re done wearing your swimsuit, the best thing you can do is rinse it off in cold water. You’ll want to do this as soon as possible, because this will help eliminate any stains you might have gotten on the suit, such as from sunscreen, tanning lotion, or the occasional ketchup spill.

  2. 2. Hand-washing is best
    We always recommend hand-washing instead of using a washing machine. Washing your swimsuit by hand is your best bet for preserving the color and life of the suit. Start by rinsing your suit, then move on to washing it with a gentle soap that’s color-safe.  After washing, rinse the suit again in cold water and lay it out to dry.

We hope this post has helped ease your mind now that you’ve learned how to remove sand from swimwear properly. Now you can enjoy soaking in the sunshine on the beach with confidence, knowing you can easily remove the sand from your swimsuit when you get home.

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