Groups of volunteer divers find and rescue discarded fishing nets in the sea, some of which are caught on sea life. Discarded fishing nets, carpet scraps and other pre and post consumer nylon waste are regenerated together by Aquafil into ECONYL® yarn. This yarn is used to make a luxury Italian fabric called Carvico Vita. The fabric is then sewn ethically to make our swimwear.

Carvico Vita is twice as resistant to chlorine, suntan creams and oils so your swimwear will last you through every summer. It is also soft and buttery that not only feels amazing on but is tight to hold and shape your figure.

It is versatile, hyper-resistant, thin, elegant, stretch, soft and breathable: a unique mix of muscular compression and comfort.




The process:

Rescue: Discarded fishing nets, fabric scraps, and other ocean waste are collected

Regeneration: waste is melted down to create plastic 'pieces'

Remade: 'pieces' are remade into fabric fibres

Fabric: fibres are made into our luxurious fabric

Product Creation: fabric is then hand sewn ethically to create our swimwear pieces 

Certifications: All fabrics are OEKO-TEX and GRS certified, saltwater, suntan and oil resistant


This is one way we are able to help clean the oceans and save marine life.