Our Story



My vision for Baliberry Swim began in 2019, from a lack of swimwear that was sustainable and flattering. 

Bali was my home for three years but went back to the Philippines in 2020 after seeing where most swimwear companies are falling short. 

I want to create a brand that embraces sustainability, self-love, fit and inclusivity at its core.

Baliberry Swimwear is proud to be part of the global movement transforming the swimwear space into a planet-first proposition with innovative fabrics, ethical practices and thoughtful designs.

We recognize that we can do better, and holding ourselves accountable is the first step.






Hi! My name is Mel. I'm the creator, sole founder and the face behind Baliberry Swim. 

Baliberry swim came from my idea of a perfect swimsuit coming to life and my desire to create a brand that aligns my passion with my values.

My collections are aimed at women who take pride in caring for their clothes, where they come from and their impact on our planet.

I've put so much heart and soul into this brand and it’s just the beginning. xx